Web Hosting For Students is Awesome

Over the last few months I have been trying to make some more money on my client work. Since most of my client work is for friends and family, I don’t really feel it is right to charge them that much for my work. So because of that, I have changed my approach to making money through client work.

Reseller hosting plans allow you to host multiple websites on the same account. Now most reseller hosting plans that are half decent are $200+/year. But since I am a student (#YounginWP), I was eligible to use Web Hosting for Students. Like its name suggests, Web Hosting for Students is a company that offers huge discounts for student web hosting. This means that I was now able to get a reseller hosting plan for $100 instead of $200+.

So because I have a reseller hosting plan I can charge my clients a rate of $60-$100 per year for hosting (which is about the same as a cheap Bluehost or GoDaddy plan). So if I get more then two clients (I have a lot more), then I start making money. Mind you it is not a ton of money made, but it was a wise move by my part if you ask me.

So the point of this short article was more to give a tip to young students that make websites (like ME!). Check out Web Hosting for Students and also look into reseller hosting plans so that you can make a few extra bucks.


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