Update #1

Hey! As much as this is a fun little blog, I would like to get it organized. Here is what is happening.

It is about time I start pushing myself to write and do more. For starters, I am going to publish a post once every week. The plan is to post every Tuesdays (although that may change). Every four to six weeks I am going to publish a post talking about what is up with this blog, myself, recent projects, Easy Updates Manager, etc. Basically whatever is going on with me at the moment. (Hint: this is one of those posts)

Internal changes are also happening to this blog. I am going to start using the Edit Flow plugin. This will help me stay organized and will prevent me (hopefully) from messing up on my posting schedule. I also plan to write a review for Edit Flow coming up this month because it is an awesome plugin.

Another change will be the category structure. It needs to be updated as I am basically just posting to one category, which sort of defeats the purpose of categories. I am working on changing it right now, so chances are it will be different by the time this post gets out.

As for a little personal update. I am starting up online courses to finish up my school. I will still be contributing to WordPress and will hopefully be able to free up some time on the weekends to do some coding and fun weekend projects. But I am definitely going to have a busy year with my school and client work.

Anyway, quite a few big changes are coming. Pushing myself to write more will be an interesting challenge.

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