Best Ways To Monitor Your Websites Uptime

Everyone wants their website to be up and running. Nobody likes it when their website goes down. What is even more annoying is when your website goes down and you don’t notice it for a few days.

So I set out in search of a good way to monitor my websites. I had too many cases of a clients website going down and me not noticing until the client contacted me.

Jetpack Monitor

Jetpack Monitor is one of the many features inside of the ever so popular Jetpack plugin for WordPress. Jetpack Monitor is by far the simplest and most basic way that you can monitor your website. It simply sends you an email when your WordPress website goes down and when the website goes back online.


The main disadvantages to Jetpack Monitor are that you can’t monitor non WordPress websites, it doesn’t tell you what is wrong with the website (server side error, gateway error, etc.), and you need to install Jetpack on ever website you want to monitor. So there are a lot of problems that I found.

Advanced Website Uptime Monitor

Advanced Website Uptime Monitor by Justin991q is a script on that goes for $14 USD. You install it on a server and then access the URL and you are welcomed with a nice login portal.

The advantage to this over Jetpack Monitor is that you can monitor any website you like, you don’t need to load up a monitor script on all your websites, it also keeps track of uptime and tells you what browser error code is going on.


Although this is still far from perfect, it still is a great solution. If you wanted to use this properly, you would need to get a separate account to host it on that is separate from all the websites you are monitoring. I have a giant reseller hosting account that I loaded the uptime monitor on. Then after a week or so, I realized that all the websites on the reseller plan had 100% uptime over two weeks. This is because of when the reseller plan goes down, so does the monitor.

Online Solutions

The thing to fix all these problems, would be to look for an online monitoring solution. There are many out there like and The problem with these is the price. Most of them can be upwards of $100 per year.


Although non of these solutions are truly perfect, I am sticking with using the Advanced Website Uptime Monitor script. It seems the most reliable and cheapest solution to fit my needs.