Update #2 – New Plans, SSL

Well, that didn’t work. My plan was to post every Tuesday. Just as I was starting to get into a rhythm writing blog posts a whole bunch of stuff got dumped on me. Let me explain.

For starters, as you may already know, I run a little business doing client work creating and maintaining websites for people. On average I spend around maybe 7 – 10 hours a week doing client work and relations. Well the past two or three weeks that number went up to about 30 hours a week. Because of this, my school work, and well life, I haven’t been able to keep up with the regular schedule that I had planned for this blog.

New Plans

Let me try and make up for this failure by making some new plans. One post a week is a little too much for me at the moment. For now I am going to be posting once every two weeks. If I end up having time I may try and throw in an extra post every once in a while.

Expect the Part 2 of the login portal post to be out sometime in the next week. After that I have some cool Raspberry Pi projects coming up and some cool plugin review.

SSL Added

Because I felt like it, this blog is now using SSL. Yeah, that is it really.

Anyway, that is all I have for this update. I should really be getting to bed…


Update #1

Hey! As much as this is a fun little blog, I would like to get it organized. Here is what is happening.

It is about time I start pushing myself to write and do more. For starters, I am going to publish a post once every week. The plan is to post every Tuesdays (although that may change). Every four to six weeks I am going to publish a post talking about what is up with this blog, myself, recent projects, Easy Updates Manager, etc. Basically whatever is going on with me at the moment. (Hint: this is one of those posts)

Internal changes are also happening to this blog. I am going to start using the Edit Flow plugin. This will help me stay organized and will prevent me (hopefully) from messing up on my posting schedule. I also plan to write a review for Edit Flow coming up this month because it is an awesome plugin.

Another change will be the category structure. It needs to be updated as I am basically just posting to one category, which sort of defeats the purpose of categories. I am working on changing it right now, so chances are it will be different by the time this post gets out.

As for a little personal update. I am starting up online courses to finish up my school. I will still be contributing to WordPress and will hopefully be able to free up some time on the weekends to do some coding and fun weekend projects. But I am definitely going to have a busy year with my school and client work.

Anyway, quite a few big changes are coming. Pushing myself to write more will be an interesting challenge.

New Domain, New Hosting

My blog now has a new domain! blog.younginwp.com

You may be wondering a few things. One, why are you using blog.younginwp.com instead of younginwp.com. The reason is because I am going to try and separate the Easy Updates Manager and business stuff from the blog. So the business stuff will get the younginwp.com. Another thing you may be wondering is why I switched to a self hosted website when my wordpress.com website was perfectly fine. The reason for this is because I got a really cheap hosting price through WH4S.

Now a few things to note about the switch.

  1. All subscribers have been transferred from the old website to blog.younginwp.com.
  2. All blog posts and comments have also been transferred.
  3. mpswp.wordpress.com is now just going to be linking to this website. I will probably keep mpswp.wordpress.com up for about a month and then close it.
  4. Not all the gist embeds on the website are working. I am working on fixing this, although it is a long tedious task. Wish me luck 🙂

Hope you enjoy the new website. I am hoping to add much more functionality to the website now that it is not under the free wordpress.com hosting.


New Layout, New Ideas

Well, a little too late in the year for me to say that I am giving the website a new look for the start of the year. Nevertheless I think the layout change is for the better. Twenty Sixteen is a great theme that adds a nice modern look to the website that I think will benefit the readers overall experience.

With the new layout did come some new pages. You will find some new pages in the menu that I would encourage you to flip through.

For those of you who may think this is a professional blog or something, YOUR WRONG. The purpose of this blog is to learn stuff. Being fifteen years old, I am learning just as much with this blog as any of my readers are. In fact no matter what age you are I believe that you can always be learning new things. My posts are just as much of a resource to me as they are to any of you. It helps me to look back and see how I did stuff. I also hope that by sharing my experiences that I may help you. This is my goal going ahead. I don’t care if I get 100 or 10000 views in a month as long as I am helping people everyday.