About Me

Hi! My name is Matthew. I am a sixteen year old WordPress developer and tech dude skilled in HTML, CSS, C++, and some PHP. I have over four years of WordPress and plugin developing experience. I am homeschooled, have traveled the world (40+ countries), and am into sports. I also do client work through YounginWP.

My Story – how I discovered WordPress

In 2012 (when I was almost thirteen years old), my parents decided that for a school project me (and my siblings) would create a blog. Turns out that it ended up just being me that took interest in the whole idea of created a blog. Using WordPress, without taking any tutorials or having any help, I created a complete WordPress website at the age of twelve.

Now for the next six months after that I thought WordPress was amazing. I was getting really good at making a website look good using plugins and themes. Although at the time I had no idea there was more to WordPress then just a nice blogging platform.

In the early fall of 2012 I started to learn basic coding (HTML, CSS, and very little PHP). This resulted in me figuring out that I could create my own plugins and put them on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Excited, in a few days I created my first plugin: Stop Core Theme and Plugin Updates. (This plugin later turned into Disable Updates Manager and then Easy Updates Manager). To my surprise, in the first month my new plugin got around one-thousand downloads.

I now knew how to use WordPress, and I had created a few okay plugins that were accepted into the WordPress directory. This is when the WordPress community comes in. I don’t remember how, but somehow I stumbled upon the Support Forums and started to answer support questions. I then figured out that there was this thing called IRC where you would chat about the WordPress support forums. I started to attend regular Support meetings and started to get more involved and answering more support questions. Later, once WordPress switched to Slack I started to attend even more regular meetings.

2015. The big year for my WordPress volunteering. Tons happened in 2015. Easy Updates Manager was born. Exploding and getting 25,000+ new active installs in 2015. This year is also when I became an official Support Forum and Polyglot volunteer. I started developing websites for family and friends. All in all, it was a great year.

How WordPress Has Helped Me

My overall WordPress experience has helped me in many ways. Not only is learning to code and develop websites a useful skill, but through these years it has helped me with my English, communication skills, and overall made me more mature.

What Do I Do?

Currently I am very involved in the WordPress community. Although schoolwork is starting to pick up I am still working hard to improve my coding and WordPress skills. I have acquired a few clients that I actively maintain websites for. I also am working on getting more involved in the WordPress community. I have still yet to attend my first WordCamp.

What’s Next?

So what is next for me? Currently I am working on finishing up school. Since I am only in Grade 11 I still have a few years ahead of me before I am done high school. Hopefully once that is done I can move onto a University education of some sorts and continue working programming and creating websites like I do right now.

What do you look like?

At the age of 12, I didn’t think it was a good idea to show my face to for world on the internet. Now that I am older, I do plan on changing my avatars to pictures of me.